Wildcat Pro-Mix Nitro:

Specifically designed for high performance engines running in harsh
environments such as cars, boats, and high performance aircraft. PROMIX
contains a scientific blend of synthetics and degummed racing castors for a
total oil volume of 18%. With a blend ratio of 95% synthetic and 5%
degummed racing castor. PROMIX fuels have become world renown for their
power, transition, and engine life. PROMIX has set several records without
sacrificing the engine to do so.

PROMIX is available in:

20%, 25%, 35%, 45%, 65%

- Special Order - Call for Pricing - Local Delivery Only

Byron's Originals Nitro:

The high nitro methane needs of boat racing are met with our 45% and 60%
nitromethane Premium Competition Fuels, available in synthetic/castor blends.
It is important to point out that many fuel blenders encounter problems with
total miscibility of castor in their 60% blended fuels. Due to the natures of the
Byron Degummed Castors and our blending process, separation of the castors
from the fuel is not a concern with Byron Originals Premium Competition 60%.

- Special Order - Call for Pricing - Local Delivery Only